Welcome! For my first post, I wanted to tell a little about myself and I thought it may be easier to just tell about my day! With it being a Sunday, it may be one of the most laid back days of the week in our household. I planned on sleeping in. I turned my phone on silent before bed last night, and hoped to sleep until 9 am.  I woke up this morning to my daughter, Giselle, shaking me awake. She was excited and dressed for the day already. I slowly rolled toward her and felt my 30 week pregnant hips groan in protest. I checked my phone. 7:55am. Not too bad.

I did what every exhausted mom would do and handed her the phone, with her favorite youtube video on the screen, and told her to go watch quietly for a little bit. She was happy, I was happy. I continued to lay in bed for a few more minutes before slowly maneuvering myself into a sitting position and deciding to start the day.

We had plans to get breakfast as a family today. In the past few months we have made Sunday breakfast a sort of tradition, and I love it. Today we chose Denny’s. My kids, Andrew and Giselle, and I had never been. My boyfriend, Alfredo, hadn’t been in years. I will say the pancakes were great. Very light and fluffy.


Hi! I’m Nichole

The rest of our day was spent doing as much of nothing as possible. We watched a redbox movie, did a little laundry and worked on the last bits of homework for the weekend (there was so much!).

When it was time, we started our school night routines of getting things ready for the morning and taking baths. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts on a crazy schedule. Tomorrow is day 1 of the week for me so the morning will be a scramble to get out the door on time! I am one of those people who are chronically late. And I am sort of reformed :p . I plan on telling you how I’ve done that in a later post. Come back and check it out! It’s time for me to hit the sheets. I’ve included a picture so you know who you’re talking to! See you soon!




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